The therapeutic relationship is everything!  My goal is for you to feel heard and validated through a humanistic approach.  Your past experiences are influencing you present day behaviors.  Therefore, Socratic questioning is utilized in order to help you gain insight into your issues.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is an important tool in my toolbox, as you to turn your pessimistic point of views to a more logical, optimistic approach. Mindfulness is teaching you that depression is in the past, and anxiety is in the future.  Only the present moment is where peace lies.  Positive psychology helps you understand that everyday, there is something to be grateful for, even in the most challenging of situations.  

My latest therapy practice is something called "ART", or Accelerated Resolution Therapy (similar to EMDR), which utilizes eye moments to assist in decreasing disturbing images and removing the intense emotions behind them, which is utilized for treatment with PTSD and other challenging issues, such as phobias. Spiritual practices will also be discussed for the mind, body and spirit connection,  you are open to this approach.  If you think you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, have had unusual spiritual experiences, or you are a spiritual person who feels "stuck", I am here to assist and guide you on your healing journey.  

  In addition, and completely separate to my counseling services, I also offer mediumship readings, intuitive tarot readings, mini astrology charts, and Reiki healings on Zoom! Please reach out directly for more details, or go to @spiritualreadingsct, or "Readings by Leaha" page on Facebook for pricing and details.