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Michelle Pellin

Licensed Professional Counselor


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Contact Information
352 Main Street
1st floor
Durham, CT  06422


Congratulations on taking the first steps towards healing!  I am so glad you reached out.  I currently have 10 years of counseling experience working with a variety of individuals from all walks of life, including adults, adolescents and children aged ten and up.  I also love working with couples and families. I also have physically challenged accessibility, as I believe all should have equal opportunities.  


I currently hold two masters degrees: Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology, and Human Services/Counseling. I was a licensed therapeutic foster parent for 20 years through the Department of Children and Families, and worked with multiple adolescents with a wide range of serious mental health conditions. I also worked as a case manager for 7 years fighting for the rights of my acquired brain injured, physically challenged, and elder clients through the Department of Social Services, and have a certification in brain injury (CBIS).  For 5 years, I assisted in running retreats for engaged couples with my husband of 28 years. My professional counseling licenses are held in the state of Connecticut (002607) and Florida (MH16995).  

I practice Holistic Psychotherapy, helping you connect your past events to your present day situation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, helping you turn your negative thoughts processes into positive ones, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which through mindfulness techniques, helps you accept the present moment for what it is, and use it to grow to our fullest potential. Talk therapy is also an important part of the counseling experience, in order to purge our feelings and emotions in a safe space.  A new addition to my practice is Emotional Freedom Technique, for anyone experiencing stressful situations in their lives.  I also offer Spiritual counseling, only for those who specifically request it, as I am open and affirming to all individuals from all walks of life.  

In addition to my counseling practice, I also offer Chair Reiki services, as I am a certified Reiki master and will help you open your chakras during short Chair Reiki sessions.  Another new addition is my level one certification in Bach Flower remedies.  

I am a true believer that your past experiences have brought you to your present situations, and will be assisting and supporting you in your counseling journey. You are always in charge of your own therapy experience, and I am merely a guide to assist you in reaching your goals that you choose to work on. My office is a safe space for you to feel heard. Allow me to help you find a better, more peaceful place in your life. My philosophy is simple. Believe in yourself!

Please contact me
to make an appointment
I will get back to you within one business day.  

   Most insurance plans accepted.  

   Low private pay fee available. 

     Evening and Saturday hours available. 

Home appointments available for home bound Husky clients.

Teletherapy available with many insurance plans.

(Please check with your insurance carrier.)